Turkey Shoot Information

September – December

Friday & Saturday Nights

7PM – 10:30PM

Come join us for our turkey shoot every weekend from September through December. We guarantee you will have a great time and you can help Rockingham County families in the process. We look forward to seeing all of you this Fall for a great Turkey Shoot season.

There will be prizes, concessions, and more. This is an event for the whole family so get out and have a great time!

345 New Lebanon Church Rd. Reidsville, NC 27320



Prizes include money, gift certificates, and meat prizes. The meat prizes include chicken, pork, country hams, sliced spiral hams, turkey, Neese’s sausage, ground beef, chops, and more.

1ST, 2ND & 3RD place winners will receive a special prize to be determined.


We have a wide variety of foods at very reasonable prices. Cold drinks, sandwiches, chips, crackers, hot drinks, candy and of course free coffee.

Turkey Shoot Rules & Regulations

  1. This is a family event: No tobacco, alcohol, vulgar language, or arguing permitted.
  2. Prices include: Top winner, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winnders, and trophies.
  3. There will be no ties on shot targets.
  4. Winners may choose a cash prize, gift certificate, or meat prize. Tickets may be saved until the end of the season. There will be no exchanges or prizes once chosen.
  5. No shells will be used other than those furnished on premises or a penalty will result (estate #9 shot)
  6. The persons whose names appear on a target must shoot that target or forfeit that target.
  7. Please note your color and number of your target before shooting it. If you shoot the wrong target, you will pay for it. 
  8. If determined that a target has been double shot, that target will be disqualified.
  9. Shooters will shoot at their own risk.
  10. Every one must sign a waiver or show their support card to shoot.
  11. RFC, INC. is not responsible for accidents or lost items.
  12. Anyone sixteen (16) years of age and younger must have a parent, guardian, or sponsor with them in the shooting area and must have a waiver signed for them from one of the above to shoot.
  13. You must pay for targets at the time of purchase and can only purchase the targets you see on the table.
  14. No smoking in any covered area at any event.
  15. We do not accept checks, debit, or credit of any kind but we do accept donations of (almost) any kind.
  16. Everyone is required to clean up after themselves. Please help keep our events clean.
  17. Memberships are by nomination only. Please see a board member for details.
  18. No one is allowed in either building without permission, except the volunteers that are working that night.
  19. Stock guns: MAX .32″ barrel w/ .680 bore and no scopes. Open guns: any length barrel w/ .660 bore.
  20. Stock guns may be used on open nights, too.
  21. Practice: 7:00PM – 7:30PM nightly ($1.00 for shell and target)
  22. Stock guns only for first hour of shoot (7:30 – 8:30)
  23. Less than 12 shooters shoot for 50/50 ($4.00 per target)
  24. If you win three times in one night, you must retire your gun or offer it for use as a house gun.
  25. Any violation of any rule may result in a penalty.
  26. House guns are available for both stock and open.
  27. Memberships are available but to become a member, you must be nominated by a member and voted on by a quorum of the board.
    1. Membership requirements: You must volunteer for at least four nights per season or work at the facility for an equal amount of hours. (Avg. 50 hours). Membership earns a right to vote.
  28. Memberships are available for facility use. Six months ($50.00), one year ($100.00). See chair for more information.
  29. If a winning target has a smiley face on it, that person will receive a free target. (No cash) *This win does not count as a round win*
  30. Facility is available for rent if interested. (See chairman for details)
  31. All donors must sign an item donated agreement and all items donated to RFC, INC. becomes the property of RFC, INC
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